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May 15, 2014 / carlispina

Add Logos, Designs, and Text to Your Photos with LetterGlow

LetterGlow LogoWhile there are lots of photo editing tools available for iOS devices, LetterGlow sets itself apart with its focus on adding designs and text to images with precision and ease. Because the focus of the app is on adding content on top of your image, it offers limited photo editing tools. When you upload an image to use in the app, you have the ability to crop it and to add a tint to it, but the other features focus instead on what you can add to the image.

While this may seem like a limitation, it means that LetterGlow focuses on offering an impressive array of tools to add content on top of your photo. It includes dozens of fonts that can be used to add words to your image and you can purchase even more fonts for an additional $0.99. If none of their fonts fit your needs, you can also import your own. Beyond the alphabet and numbers, LetterGlow also provides easy access to frequently used symbols such as the copyright symbol, the dollar sign and check marks.

In addition to fonts, it includes a wide variety of overlays, including decorations, popular phrases, text bubbles, shapes and arrows that can be added to your image with a couple of clicks. You can also import your own overlays if you need specific shapes or logos and you can save these items as part of your own set for later reuse. Anything you add to your image, whether it is text or an overlay, can be resized, rotated, moved within the provided grid, or edited for opacity or color. If you will be using similar combinations of text and overlays repeatedly, you can even save a template for reuse in future projects. Once you are done with a project, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Dropbox, or Instagram from within the app or you can email it or save it to your device. You can also open it in other photo editing apps through a built-in feature.

LetterGlow costs $1.99, but if you frequently edit images on your iOS device, and particularly if you want to be able to quickly add a logo to your images while on the go, it is a nice option. I think it would be best suited for people who frequently create images for use by organizations that have set fonts or logos, particularly since you can save templates to be used on all of your images.


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