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April 24, 2014 / carlispina

Turn Photos Into Paintings With Brushstroke

Brushstroke LogoEarlier this week I wrote about Waterlogue, an app that turns photos into watercolor-style images, Brushstroke is another app that of has a similar effect but for other types of paintings.

Where Waterlogue focused on turning photos into a single type of painting, Brushstroke offers several different painting styles, ranging from bold to abstract to hatched. Beyond the painting style, the app also lets you set the color tone as well to create more or less realistic styles to preference and the surface on which the work has been painted, which subtly changes the look of the finished image. To finalize the image, the app includes standard photo editing tools such as brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, highlight and shadow controls. You can also change the temperature of the image to add a more blue or orange tone to the picture. To finish the “painting,” you can sign your work before saving it or sharing it via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email or text message. If you really like your final product, you can also pay to have the image printed on an actual canvas and sent to you for an additional cost.

This app offers a nice array of tools and effects for a nice looking final product. It is another great option for editing images.


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