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April 21, 2014 / carlispina

Make Your Photos Into Watercolors With Waterlogue

Waterlogue LogoWaterlogue is a fun app that lets you turn photos on your iOS device into watercolor-style images. Uploading images from your photo library or taking a new picture with your device’s camera is easy. Alternatively, if you would prefer, the app also includes 10 images that you can use to try it out.

Once you have selected an image, there are twelve different watercolor painting styles that you can use to restyle the image. They vary in color and level of detail and each creates a different effect. When you are happy with the style of the image, you can choose from four different sizes, and five different levels of brightness to further perfect your image. You can also opt to include a border or not. Completed images can be saved to your device, emailed, shared on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr or made into a 4/6 postcard using Sincerely which can then be be sent anywhere in the world (for an additional cost). You also have the option to decide whether you want the final image to be shared as a JPEG or a PNG.

Screenshot of Waterlogue

Screenshot of Waterlogue

Waterlogue makes use of an interface that will be familiar to users of other image editing apps such as Instagram. The features are easy to use and offer an impressive array of watercolor painting styles, which make for fun looking final images. I could definitely see using the final images in other projects or sharing them online. If you enjoy photography and photo editing, it is well worth the $2.99 price tag. For more thoughts on it, check out Wendy Stephens’ review of the app on YALSA Blog.


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