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April 14, 2014 / carlispina

Create Graphics and Edit Images With Shapely

shapely_logoWhether you want to display your photos in new and creative ways or need a quick way to design logos and graphics, Shapely is a great free app for making the process easy. With just a few taps, you can have a finished product ready to share or even print in a matter of moments.

When you first open Shapely you are presented with any designs you have already saved as well as a plus sign t0 create a new project. The first step in any project in the app is to select a shape. The free version of the app offers 24 shapes to choose from with over 70 additional shapes available if you are willing to spend $1.99 to upgrade the app. That same upgrade will also increase the available textured background fills from 9 to 36 (though it is worth noting that there are also a wide variety of colors available as background fills in the free version of the app). You can also opt to import an image to use as the background instead of a color or texture. Once you are happy with the shape and the background, you can add text and graphics as well as textures. Completed shapes can be finished and then saved or shared via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email with a single tap. Whether you use the free version or opt to pay for the additional features, this app is a great tool for creating interesting images or eye-catching graphics from your iOS device. It is simpler, and therefore faster, than most graphic design tools, which makes it perfect for small projects and for when you want to create a graphic or image just for fun. Whether you love graphic design projects or dread them, Shapely is a great app to make the process faster and easier.


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