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March 27, 2014 / carlispina

Create Stories On The Go With Steller

Steller LogoEarlier this week I wrote about Storehouse, an iPad app for creating stories that seamlessly combine text, photos and videos. Steller is a new app that brings the same visually appealing format to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Those who have tried Storehouse will see some superficial similarities in how this app looks, but the focus is clearly on making these tools more useable on a small screen and while on the go. When you first start a story, you are asked to decide whether you want to add text, a photo or a video. If you opt to start with text, you can pick any of eight different layouts and type in your desired text. If you instead start with a photo, you can add any image from those stored on your device and then choose from twelve different layouts to best display the image. Once you have selected an image you can also rearrange the image and zoom in or out by pinching or rotating. If you instead add videos, you can select from the same twelve layouts available for images. When you finish the layout for a single page, you have the option to add additional pages in any configuration you would like. Pages can be reordered by dragging and dropping them into the desired order once you have created two or more pages. If you have finished your story, you have the option to create a collection for it or to add it to an existing collection. Collections have a cover image and can have both a name and a description. The final step in the process is to publish the story, which will make it publicly available on Steller’s network. Finished stories can be shared via social media or email. Viewing them on a computer screen is possible, but even on a larger screen, the story remains the size of an iPhone screen. As of now there does not appear to be a way to embed stories on other platforms, but from the website there are options to share the story on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

After stories are finished, you can make additional edits by navigating to the story on your profile and tapping on the pencil icon. Saving changes will automatically make them publicly viewable. If you would instead prefer to delete the story, you can do so by tapping on the trash can icon. Finished stories are easy to navigate and display videos and images to full advantage. For those who like to take photos and videos on their phones and share them while on the go, Steller is a great option for creating attractive and engaging stories.


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