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March 24, 2014 / carlispina

Create Stories with Photos, Videos and Text Using Storehouse

Storehouse LogoFor anyone who wants to integrate pictures and videos (up to 30 seconds in length) that they have taken with text to create a cohesive story, Storehouse is a nice option for the iPad. The app allows users to combine up to 50 images and videos imported from the iPad photo library, Instagram, Flickr or Dropbox, into a single story.

Storehouse is focused on making it easy to create stories. It allows users to import multiple images from a single source simultaneously and once images are imported, they can be reordered, cropped and resized by simply tapping, dragging and dropping them. Text can be in one of three sizes, either heading, quote or normal text and can be interspersed throughout the photos. Each story has a photo as a cover and can have a title and a subtitle. Manipulating these elements is just as easy as the other elements of a story. If you don’t finish your story when you start it, you can save a draft before publishing it. Once you are happy with your story, you can publish it. A published story can be recommended to others, opened on your iPad in Safari or shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. If you change your mind about a story, it can also be edited once it is published or even unpublished at a later date.

The app can also be used to connect with other Storehouse users or to see other stories that have been created with it. If you particularly like a story created by another user, you can follow the user to see their other stories. Storehouse does a nice job with user experience overall. I wish there were a way to embed content on other websites more easily, but even without this feature, it is a useful tool for creating dynamic stories that combine multiple media into a single work.


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