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March 3, 2014 / carlispina

Quickly Edit Images With Edit from

EditIf you find yourself wishing that there was a free option for simple photo edits, you will want to check out Edit from This new free tool makes it incredibly simple to crop, rotate, resize and recolor images up to 42 Mpx. You can upload any JPG, PNG, or BMP file to get started with editing.

Once you have opened an image, you can start editing. Editing options include changing the contrast, brightness, saturation, curves, sepia, temperature and greyscale. As you make each change, you also have the option to undo or redo changes by clicking on the back or next buttons at the top of the screen. You can also save your image and download it throughout the process with the click of a button. When you are working on a particularly large or detailed image you can also expand Edit to fill the whole screen to get a better view of your work. Overall, I found Edit to be a great option for quick photo editing. also offers other tools for dealing with images that are well worth checking out, including Raw, which converts CR2, NEF and DNG files to JPG files for use online, and Live, which allows you to share images online together with a live narration of what the image is. Both of these tools are also free, so if you frequently use images online, they are also worth a look.


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