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February 17, 2014 / carlispina

Combine Videos and GIFs With Pop

Pop logoWith GIFs continuing to reign supreme on large segments of the internet, new tools to create, find and share GIFs continue to proliferate. One of the latest options in this field is Pop. This new iOS app from the creators of Zeega lets users combine videos or photos that they take with their mobile device with GIFs. The resulting mashup, called a Pop, can be shared via the app or directly with friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email or text message. Those viewing the Pop will initially see the first image or video and will only see the GIF when they click or touch and hold on the first item. The idea behind the app is to allow users to share reaction GIFs together with video or images that they create.

Creating Pops is a very easy process. When you first create an account on the service, the app walks you through the process to help you create a Pop for your profile picture. Whether you are creating a Pop for your profile or any other purpose, the process is the same: you are prompted to take a photo with your device and once you have you are presented with a selection of GIFs to add to your image. GIFs are sorted by trending, emotion or GIFs including a thumbs up image, making it easy to find the top 20 of each of these types of GIFs. You also have easy access to GIFs you have used on Pop in the past on a separate page of the app. If none of the suggested GIFs strike your fancy, you can also search for a GIF using the built in search feature which is tied to Giphy‘s searchable bank of GIFs. Once you are satisfied with your Pop, you touch the check mark which gives you the option to add a caption, share it with your social networks or publish it to the app’s feed of recently created Pops. Published Pops can be shared and will appear both on the recent Pops feed and on the feeds of any of your friends on the Pop network. Other users can favorite your Pop or they can respond to it with their own Pop. Published Pops also provide credit information for each of their parts, either showing the media as created by the Pop user or link to the original GIF on Giphy. Published Pops cannot be made private, but they can be deleted from the network at any time.

Pop is an app that will appeal to fans of GIFs. The app makes the process of creating and sharing GIF/video mashups extremely easy and the selection of GIFs that is included via Giphy allows users to convey a wide range of emotions and thoughts. The app is very new and there are definitely features that would be nice additions, such as the ability to make Pops private and the ability to share them directly to Tumblr or at least automatically generate embedding code so that Pops could be embedded on websites. Right now the app is only available for iOS devices, so it would also be nice if versions were released for other platforms. However, even without these features Pop is a nice addition to the GIF-creation landscape and, as a free app, it is well worth trying.


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