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February 10, 2014 / carlispina

Compete With Friends and Random Opponents with QuizUp

QuizUpAs a trivia fan, I was intrigued when I read about QuizUp. This trivia game app offers players the chance to challenge other users to trivia competitions on a wide range of topics. Some are broad, like General Knowledge, but many are very specific, such as trivia related to Minecraft, allowing users to choose topics that are of particular interest to them.

When you start a game, you can opt to challenge one of your friends via Facebook, the iOS Game Center or your contact list. When you challenge someone, you can send them an invitation to the game, which will send them a link to connect. I personally had trouble using the links to access challenge games with friends, but I was able to send challenges to others. If you would rather (or if none of your friends are available), you can instead select Play Now, which will match you with a random player. Games are relatively short with both players answering the same questions trying to get the most correct in the shortest time. It is a fun, quick game and it keeps stats so that players can see where they fall amongst their friends, locally, in the U.S. and across all players. There is also a discussion forum, though it bears noting that some of the discussions aren’t appropriate for all ages, so librarians may want to mention this if they recommend the game to their patrons. Despite the couple of limitations I found, this is an entertaining game, particularly for trivia fans and it seems to be skyrocketing in popularity, so it is worth a look.

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