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January 27, 2014 / carlispina

Create Travel Guides with Jauntful

Jauntful LogoAs someone who loves to travel, I also love to exchange travel tips with friends and acquaintances who are traveling. Jauntful is a new tool to make this process seamless. With Jauntful, you can save your recommendations for sights to see in various locations into guides, which can then be shared online or printed out in a professional-looking physical guide.

Right now, Jauntful is in private beta, but once you have created an account, you can start creating sightseeing guides. Each guide has a map at the top and space below to add tips. You can add up to 15 tips to any single guide. Adding a tip is as simple as searching by the name of the place in the box, which will pull up a list of suggestions (Jauntful was able to pull up the correct location for each place I searched). After you make a selection from the list, Jauntful will automatically populate your tip with a genre for the location (i.e., “history museum”) and a picture of the location, but you can replace this image with your own if you would prefer. Next, you can add a description of up t0 320 characters about the place. Each tip is listed in the order that you create it, but if you want to create a sequential tour, you can drag-and-drop tips into the desired order. Each tip’s number is also displayed in the location of the tip on the map at the top of the guide.

Once you are happy with your guide, you can either save it as a draft for later or finish it. Finished guides can be shared with everyone, your friends on Jauntful or only those individuals that you manually add. Finished guides appear on your profile and can be edited later to add or delete items. They can also be archived if you want to completely start over again. Finished guides also offer the option to share the guide via Facebook or Twitter. You can also download the guide, which will display a different version of the guide optimized for printing, complete with the map and your full description of each location. Whether you are creating guides for your own trip or to share with friends or for events, Jauntful makes the process of creating travel guides extremely clear and results in a professional looking guide. It is a great new tool that I definitely recommend. You can check out the first guide I am working on for Boston on Jauntful.

Jauntful Boston Guide


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