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January 6, 2014 / carlispina

Turn Photos and Video Clips Into Cohesive Video Projects with Animoto

Animoto LogoVideo content is increasingly prevalent on the internet, making tools for its creation particularly useful. When I recently needed to create a video of photos, Animoto was suggested as a free and easy-to-use tool and I found it to be the perfect option for my task.

With Animoto, you can create videos from collections of either images or video clips. This content can be uploaded to the service or pulled directly from various social media services including Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Picasa and Flickr. Animoto also offers images and video clips that can be integrated into your projects, making it easy to find standardized content without searching the web. Once you have uploaded the desired content, you can drag each item around on the screen to put everything in the desired order and you can add captions to any of the items or add text elsewhere in the video. Each item can also be rotated or duplicated with a single click. Once you are happy with the items, you can also finalize your style selection and select a song to play in the background of the video. Finally, you can publish it, which generates a URL for the video and offers the option to share it on a range of social media services or to get the necessary code to embed it elsewhere on the web.

With a free plan, you can create as many web-quality, 30-second videos as you would like, though you are limited to only basic styles and music selections. If you would prefer to pay for a more extensive plan, you can choose from a $5 a month plan or a $39 a month plan each of which offers options beyond the free plan. Most notably, they allow you to create much longer videos for total lengths of 10 minutes or 20 minutes respectively. Educators can also apply for an Animoto Plus account for free.

I only tried the free plan, but I found it perfect for my needs. The final product looks clean and professional. Moreover, the entire process is very quick and simple, allowing me to make a short video in a matter of minutes. If you are interested in creating composite videos that mix videos and images, Animoto is well worth a try.


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