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January 2, 2014 / carlispina

Learn More About Cities Around With U.S. With Dwellr

Dwellr LogoIf you found my recent post on the Census Explorer interesting, you may be interested to know about Dwellr, an app that also takes advantage of U.S. Census data. Unlike the Census Explorer, Dwellr’s purpose is to help users find cities and locations that will appeal to them either for travel or even as a permanent residence. To get started using the app, you are asked to input some personal information, including gender, size of town that you prefer, preferred region, type of landscape you most enjoy, dream job and other similar information. Based on this information, the app will recommend cities that you might like.

Once a list of recommended cities has been generated, you can click on each location on the list to learn more about the demographics and other data about that location and to see a map of the location in question. You can also rate the location to indicate how closely it meets you preferences, or you can share the information with others on Twitter, Facebook or via email. If you are primarily interested in the city you are currently in, the app also has a geolocation feature that can be used to pull up data on your current location, if you enable that feature in the app. As a nice convenience, the app will save your answers to the profile questions but also has an option to let a friend try the app if you want to allow someone else to try it out without deleting your data. Overall, this app is a nice example of what can be done with existing government data and is another interesting way to make use of U.S. Census data, though it would be nice if the app included more types of available data in its results.


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