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December 23, 2013 / carlispina

Learn Code On The Go With The Codecademy: Hour of Code App

Codecademy App Logo
A couple week’s ago, Codecademy launched its first ever mobile app as part of the Hour of Code initiative that was launched to coincide with Computer Science Education Week. Since I have previously tried and enjoyed Codecademy’s offerings, I decided to check it out. The free app, which is currently only available for iOS 7 devices, offers lessons divided into five sections: Getting Started, Data Types, Variables, Comparisons, and If…Else….

ScreenshotEach section offers several lessons that walk users through the basic topics of computer programming such as variables, strings, booleans and simple if…else functions. Due to the mobile format of the app, users are only prompted to select the correct answer to multiple choice questions rather than requiring that users actually produce their own code. But, despite this limitation, the lessons are clear, fun and engaging. Users may not gain in depth knowledge, but they will learn basic concepts and have an opportunity to apply the concepts enough times to understand how they work.

The entire set of lessons is designed to take approximately an hour, and as such, the content is not designed to make you an expert programmer. Instead, it is meant to spark an interest in computer programming topics and I think that it does this effectively. It is a fun, free way to get a quick intro, with the option to follow up further on Codecademy’s full site. The company has also stated that more content will be available for the app in the future, though I think the multiple choice format will always make the app more limited than their website. But, it is a good entry point for those who want to get a taste of computer programming while on the go.


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