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December 16, 2013 / carlispina

Find The Perfect GIF For Any Situation With Giphy

Giphy LogoGIFs have exploded in popularity across the internet over the last few years, driven in part by the popularity of Tumblr. Mostly, finding GIFs is a serendipitous process of running across them on the internet. However, Giphy aims to the make the process of finding GIFs on specific topics easier by providing a search engine for popular GIFs.

The search engine allows you to search for any area of interest and returns still images of the relevant GIFs. Hover over one of the GIFs and it will become active, showing its video clip. Clicking on a GIF will take you to a separate page, which allows you to enlarge or tile the GIF. It also shows you size and credit information for the GIF. From that page, you can then share it via a URL, on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, or embed the GIF on your own site through either an iframe or optimized embed code. You can also favorite the GIF if you just want to track GIFs that you like for future use. And you can navigate through Giphy’s collection of GIFs through categories or through their GIF artist page, which highlights specific artists. The most popular GIFs are highlighted on the Hot 100 page if you are more interested in the top GIFs from around the internet.

Right now, you can use Giphy without signing in, but are required to sign in using a Facebook account to use the favorite feature, which raises some concerns for those who are not Facebook users or who do not want to share Facebook information with other applications. Even given this limitation though, I think Giphy could be useful for librarians who maintain institutional Tumblr accounts and are always looking for new and relevant GIFs, especially since it is not necessary to create an account to search and embed GIFs.


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