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November 4, 2013 / carlispina

Go Back In Time On The Web With Memento

Have you ever been on a website and wondered what it looked like at some previous point in time? Now you can find out with Memento, a new browser extension for Chrome that makes it easy to navigate between a present-day website and past versions of that same page.

Installation of the extension is free and easy. Once it is installed, a small clock icon will be displayed at the top of your browser window. Clicking on that icon allows you to select the date to which you would like to “time travel”. Once you have set a date, you can travel to the archived version of the webpage that is closest to the date you have selected by right clicking anywhere on the page. You can use Memento to retrieve past versions of any website that is archived in the Internet Archive and many national archives. After trying it on several websites, I found that it generally worked well, though it isn’t always possible to retrieve the page from the exact date requested. However, as web archiving becomes more common, this resource will only continue to become more useful. If you frequently conduct research that relies on historical web content or if you just enjoy time traveling on the internet, Memento is a great new resource. For a full description of how it works, watch the video below.


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