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October 14, 2013 / carlispina

Cite Tweets using Tweet2Cite

Tweet2Cite LogoAs social media becomes ever more prevalent and important to the way that information spreads, it is also becoming a more important source for research projects. While a few years ago few would have ever had a need to cite a Facebook post or a Tweet in their academic writing, now this is no longer a completely outlandish proposition. This development has also necessitated new rules about how to cite such information which has meant new rules for both the APA and MLA citation styles.

As these new rules have emerged, so has a tool for automatically generating citations to tweets. Called Tweet2Cite, this tool allows you to generate MLA and APA style citations with just the URL for a tweet. Paste the URL in the box and a single click will display the original tweet and generate both types of citations. The citations can then be copied and pasted into any document. The entire process takes seconds making it a nice option for those who need to frequently (or quickly) cite tweets. It is also a good teaching tool for showing students how the process works.

Tweet2Cite in action

Tweet2Cite in action

However, having said that, it is necessary to check the citations over to make sure they are correct. I noted that it can sometimes struggle with Tweets from accounts without a person’s name associated. For example, in the image above you can see that it assumes that Guardian Books is a proper name and treats it as such in the citation, reversing the words as “Books, Guardian.” Despite this limitation, Tweet2Cite is a good tool to know about and will only continue to increase in its utility as more citation styles are added in the future. Currently, the creator has plans to add Chicago and Wikipedia style citations.


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