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October 3, 2013 / carlispina

Find Your Next Book with BookVibe

BookVibeThere are an ever increasing number of tools aimed at helping users to find new books that match their interests, such as BookRX or WhatShouldIReadNext. For Twitter users, BookVibe is another option that helps users to find new books based on their Twitter streams.

Users have to connect BookVibe to their Twitter account, but once they do, they are presented with a list of books ranked using BookVibe’s algorithm. For each book, you will see an image of the book, its social sentiment ranked from one to five stars, and whether it has low medium or high social buzz. You will also see the tweet that BookVibe found in your Twitter stream, so that you can tell whether it is from a friend, acquaintance or other Twitter account and can decide whether it is someone with whom you share an interest. If you are looking for a very new book, you can also resort results by date to find the books that have been mentioned most recently rather than the ones that are most relevant to you according to BookVibe’s algorithm. As an added bonus, you can also opt to see, or even subscribe to, the results for other Twitter users, such as authors or your friends. You can also receive further recommendations from BookVibe via email to find even more results on a weekly basis.

The usefulness of BookVibe is limited by the people that you follow on Twitter, but since I follow quite a few people who discuss books, I found the results to be useful. The books recommended were either those that I had read or had heard about and hope to read in the future, which leads me to believe that they are fairly accurate for my interests. And, BookVibe plans to add data from Facebook in the future which will make it more useful to those who use Facebook more than Twitter. If you find yourself frequently looking for new book recommendations and you use Twitter, BookVibe is a nice alternative.


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