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September 26, 2013 / carlispina

Storyful MultiSearch – Search Multiple Social Media Networks Simultaneously

Previously, I have written about several tools for searching social media networks, such as TwXplorer, a tool for searching Twitter and analyzing results, and Topsy, a search engine for Twitter, but this is an area where new tools are emerging all the time to fill the needs of journalists, researchers and other social media users. Another tool in this space is Storyful MultiSearch. This Chrome browser extension, which was developed for journalists, allows users to simultaneously search a term across several networks and content types.


Screenshot of Storyful MultiSearch

This free Chrome extension currently allows users to search across Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Storyful and Spokeo. Users can further specify whether they would specifically like to search Twitter images or videos or within the Storyful News or Storyful Viral networks. As a default, all nine of these options are selected, but users can limit their search by unchecking any of the options. Search results for each network and/or content type appear in a new browser tab, though some of the options require that the user be logged in to display the results. As all of this suggests, search results are displayed within each individual social network rather than the content being pulled together into a new display, which means that this tool does not provide any additional options to save the results or analyze them. But, despite this limitation, it is a simple way to search across several social networks simultaneously, which will be useful to any social media user who frequently needs find content in specific areas of interest. As an added bonus, the code for the browser extension is available under the MIT License on GitHub.


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