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August 26, 2013 / carlispina

Create an Online Resume with Ré

Represent.ioWith so many job applications and so much professional networking now happening online, it makes sense for many people to have an online version of their resume ready at all times. Several services have developed to help with this process, perhaps most notably LinkedIn. But one such service that makes this process easy and attractive is Ré With this tool, creating a responsive, professional-looking online resume is simple and relatively quick.

Once you have created an account on Ré, it walks you through the entire process of creating your resume. You are prompted with fields to fill in for your entire employment and educational background, your skills, your contact information and for a brief paragraph of information about yourself. At each step along the way, you are presented with basic instructions about how to fill in the blanks, but at the same time the form leaves enough freedom to answer as you see fit. Fields can even be left blank if they are not relevant for your purposes. This freedom is perfect for those who have unusual or difficult to classify information to include on their resume, but may be problematic for those who are looking for more structure or guidance on how information should be included on a resume. Also, I found myself wishing that this freedom extended to the ability to add additional fields (such as presentations or publications) to a resume. On balance though, I found that the platform struck a fairly appropriate balance between freedom and structure.

Once you have finished filling out your information, you are presented with two design options and five color schemes to choose from. I found some of these available color schemes a bit surprising for a resume (many of the colors are pastel), but there is a black and white option for those who prefer a more formal look. You also have the option to include a photo or avatar, though this is not required. After this sixth step is completed, you can publish your resume. Finished resumes are available at a simple URL that uses your username and the platform has several sharing options, including Facebook and Twitter, integrated into each resume. Resumes are also completely responsive meaning that their display will be optimized for the device or window on which they are being viewed. This makes Ré resumes the perfect option for anyone who wants to offer a link to their resume on a mobile or responsive website that they have created.

Overall, Ré is a great platform for creating resumes. It would be nice if they could add an option to import information from an existing source, such as a LinkedIn profile or a Word document, but other than the slight inconvenience of re-entering text, the platform is very quick and easy to use. If you are looking for a platform to maintain a shareable and mobile-friendly online resume, Ré is well worth a try. Thanks to Heather Moorefield (@actinginthelib), whose tweet first directed me to this tool.


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