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August 12, 2013 / carlispina

Share Links in Chrome With Linklet

There are many useful browser extensions available for Chrome that can speed up and simplify common activities that users complete on a day-to-day basis. Linklet is one such extension for those who find that they frequently need to share links quickly while browsing in Chrome.

Linklet can be installed quickly without requiring that you restart your browser before it starts working. Once you have installed it, a small L will appear to the right of the URL in your browser. To initially set up the extension, you must right click on the L to navigate to the extension’s options. Here you can set what service should be used to deliver any links you send using Linklet. You can opt to send links via the default email on your computer, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook or via Linklet’s server without having to provide an email address (though you do have to provide a first and last name to use this option). Sending via your own email account requires that you are logged into your account, so sending via the Linklet server is the easiest option for times when you aren’t on email but still want to send a link. The tool is fairly basic without any registration or way to keep track of links you have sent in the past, but it does streamline the process of sharing links via email. Once you have completed the set up process, sending a link is as easy as clicking on the L or using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Shift + z on a PC or Cmd + Shift + z on a Mac). One slight drawback is that you can only share one link at a time; there is no way to create and share a list of links via the extension. But, for those who find that they frequently copy and paste links into emails to send to themselves or others, it is a useful tool.

Linklet Screenshot


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