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August 5, 2013 / carlispina

Keep Links Working with Check My Links

Anyone who creates content for the internet knows how difficult and yet important it can be to ensure that links to outside content don’t break. Check My Links is a Chrome browser extension that makes it easier to keep links updated. Once it is installed, clicking on the Check My Links icon automatically checks every link on the page and highlights those that still work in green and any that are broken in red. It also shows a summary of the number of total links as well as working and broken links in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Check My Links Screenshot

Results with Check My Links

Having tried this browser extension on a number of webpages, I have found that it is very effective at identifying broken links. It cycles through the links on a page quite quickly, which makes it a good option for regular link checking on any page that you control. In addition to highlighting broken links, the tool also provides information about the type of issue that it encountered, such as a 404 message, which can help in determining how to fix the issue.

Overall, this is a useful tool for any web developer. And, for librarians who maintain LibGuides, I have also found that it is a great tool for checking the links on guides. While Springshare provides a built-in link checker, it doesn’t work on rich text boxes, and as someone who frequently uses that box type, I have found Check My Links to be a very useful alternative to manually checking each link on a regular basis.


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