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August 1, 2013 / carlispina

Carrot – The Moody To-Do List

Carrot iconEarlier this week, I wrote about Clear, a popular to-do list app with a beautiful look and feel, but if you looked at Clear and wished that it had a bit more attitude, Carrot may be the app for you. In many ways, the functionality of the app mimics that of Clear. You can swipe to the right to check an item off of your list, swipe to the left to see the main menu and pull down to add new items to your list.

But, the fun part comes in how the app responds. As you complete tasks, the app praises you but also teases you by calling you names, such as “nerd” if you complete several tasks quickly. And, that is Carrot in a good mood. If you neglect your list for several days, the app will have a “mood swing” turning the screen black and red and making the remarks even more snarky. Regardless of Carrot’s mood, you earn points for completing tasks and once you have earned enough points you level up, which earns you rewards. These rewards can be useful, such as the ability to reorder items on your list or an upgrade to the app’s icon that always shows how many tasks you have left. Or, just as often, they can be silly, such as how to say “manatees” in binary or a pet cat to play with in the app. You can also purchase add ons in the app’s shop, such as counterfeit points and new themes, though these aren’t necessary for those who would prefer to stick with earning features by using the app.

Mood Swing

Your first reward

Your first reward

Uhoh, you made Carrot mad!

Uhoh, you made Carrot mad!

For serious list users, some aspects of Carrot might prove annoying. Some of the features that you might want right off the bat aren’t earned until you have used the app for a while and the mood swings and sound effects are more whimsical than useful. But, I found the app really cute and fun. I could definitely see both the point system and the attitude making me want to come back to it on a daily basis. As someone who has always liked the idea of a Siri that was a bit more like GLaDOS (perhaps like in this mashup), I found Carrot to be a fun way to keep track of my to-do list.


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