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July 29, 2013 / carlispina

Beautiful and Usable To Do Lists With Clear

Clear LogoIf you are someone who is always making lists and you use an iPhone, you have probably tried a variety of apps that let you keep track of what is on your agenda while on the go. I’ve written about a few very different apps for this purpose in the past, such as Epic Win which turns your to do list into a game and Any.Do which is a nice free option for both iOS and Android users. But, after reading about Clear many times, I decided to try it out.

Unlike the other to do list apps I have tried in the past, Clear is not free, but at $1.99, it is also not cost prohibitive for users who use their to do list daily and highly value usability and user-focused design choices. Unfortunately, unlike Any.Do, Clear is currently only available for iOS devices and is optimized specifically for the iPhone 5. But, for those with an iPhone 5, it offers an intuitive experience that takes full advantage of the features of the touch screen. The app consists of three levels of menus. The top level lets you control your experience in the app. This menu includes the option to change between any of five color themes for your lists, information about how to use the app, and other app settings as well as information about the team that created the app. The next level menu includes all of your lists. From this menu you can create new lists by simply swiping downward on the screen, rename existing lists by tapping on them and change the order of your lists by holding and dragging lists around.

The final level of the app is a list of all of your to do lists. Much of the functionality is the same as that for creating lists. Swiping down on the screen creates new list items and then each item can be dragged around into any order you wish using the same motions as at the higher menu level. When you finish items on your list, you can either cross them off by swiping to the right which will not only mark it off your list but will also move it to the bottom of the screen and shade it out or if you prefer to just get rid of any item, you can instead swipe to the left which will delete the item entirely. If you make a change and then immediately regret it, you can undo anything by simply shaking your phone. This same shaking motion will also give you the option to email the list if you want to transfer it to another person or device. Best of all, the app walks you through each of these motions the first time you use it and includes a section of tips and tricks in case you ever forget any of the motions.

Overall, I found this app to be a great option for to do lists. It is quick and fun to use and the design makes for gorgeous lists, which is a plus for fans of high quality user experiences. While there are definitely other options if you would prefer to find a free app, Clear is worth the price if you will be using it daily and value design.


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