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July 15, 2013 / carlispina

Get Opinions on Anything with Seesaw

Seesaw LogoSometimes you just want to conduct a quick opinion poll. Maybe you want help deciding which book to read next or which outfit to wear or which photo to use. Regardless of what you want to poll people about, the free Seesaw app will let you create quick, visual polls that you can share on social media.

Creating a poll.

Creating a poll.

Polls are easy to create from the template that is provided. Each poll can have up to four options, each of which is illustrated with an image. Images can come from your stored photos, be a new photo you take through the app or can be an image you find online using the app’s option to search on Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram or Google. If you prefer to create polls on your computer, there is also a browser button available that lets you immediately create them from images you find online. After you have added your images to your poll, you can add text explaining the question you have created to finish it. And, once you have created a poll, you can share it via Twitter or Facebook and you can even select “Advisors” who are notified that you want their advice and whose opinion is separately highlighted in the results. Votes and comments are tracked and you can see all responses to all of your polls on a separate tab in the app and on the Seesaw website. You can explore polls created by other users both as well.

Finished poll.

Finished poll.

Seesaw is a very visually appealing tool for quick polls. It is a fun way to get opinions from a wide range of people and I could definitely see a number of uses for it, including by libraries that want to poll their patrons about possible future activities. For example, a Seesaw poll could be a fun way of selecting the next book for a book club to read. And, since Seesaw polls can be shared via social media or embedded on websites, it is easy to get opinions from a wide range of community members no matter how they connect with your library online.


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