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July 8, 2013 / carlispina

Uncover Relevant Content Online With NextStories

NextStories LogoHave you ever found an article online and thought that you would love to find more like it? If so, NextStories is a new tool that seeks to make this process easier. Compared to StumbleUpon by LifeHacker, NextStories currently offers optimized recommendations from over 4,000 sites across multiple countries and languages and is capable of offering content from other sites as well, though not with optimized results. On a computer, NextStories can be used whenever you find a story that you enjoy by simply clicking on the bookmarklet, which will pull up a visually appealing page of suggested articles that are in some way similar to your original article. Where possible, this page will include an image from the article as well as the article’s title, publication time and the site on which it was published. From the same page, you can also share content, switch to another topic, or help NextStories to improve by telling them other sites that would have been relevant to you. If one of the articles appeals to you, navigating to it is as simple as clicking on that entry, which will take you to the site that published the article and away from NextStories. If you want, you can even click on the bookmarklet again to start the whole process over again.

For those who prefer to surf the web on their iPad, NextStories also offers an iPad app that offers the same functionality as well as the ability to find recommended content in any of eight categories such as Art & Design, Cars, Lifestyle, and Sports. The NextStories app offers several languages, including English, Czech, German and Spanish. The look of the display is similar to that of the browser-based version of the tool and all of the navigation features are fairly intuitive, making it easy to start using it. Whether you prefer to surf the web on your computer or on your iPad, NextStories is a nice new option for uncovering new content that fits with your interests.


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