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June 20, 2013 / carlispina

Browse Wikipedia in a Whole New Way with WikiNodes

WikiNodesIf you are a frequent Wikipedia user, WikiNodes from IDEA is an interesting new way of looking at Wikipedia entries on your iPad. With this free app, Wikipedia entries are displayed as nodes in a web of information with the central entry displaying other relevant entries that link to it in a web. The web makes it immediately obvious how Wikipedia entries are related to one another and also makes it easy to move quickly between entries by tapping on the nodes. You can also rearrange the nodes by dragging and dropping them to change your view of the web and to focus on different nodes.

A search box at the top of the screen makes it easy to find relevant information on Wikipedia and clicking on any of the nodes will pull up the entry on that topic. If you are in the node view, you will see the entry in a small box, but once you have identified the entry you want to read, you can also switch to a view that brings the entry front and center in a larger box with all of the related entries in a scrollable list on the right side of the screen. Within the app, you also have the ability to tag and categorize Wikipedia entries, comment on the entries, or share them via email, Twitter, DropBox or Evernote or by opening the entry in Safari or printing it out. If you find an entry that is particularly interesting, you can bookmark it for later, though you will also be able to find it through the History tab in the app, should you forget to bookmark a particular entry.

A Screenshot of WikiNodes

A Screenshot of WikiNodes

The app offers lots of settings for customization, including two color themes, three font sizes and over 30 languages. It also offers a form to make it easy to provide feedback from within the app. WikiNodes offers a fun new way to visualize connections between Wikipedia articles and move between topics fluidly.


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