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June 17, 2013 / carlispina

Create Your Own GeoGuessr Challenge with GeoSettr

GeoSettrA few weeks ago, I wrote about a new geography game, called GeoGuessr. While it is great fun to play the randomly generated round that the game offers, now you can take your game play a step further by designing your own games using GeoSettr. The design of this application is very similar to that of the game itself.

Users are presented with a map on the left side of the screen. Dragging the small figure on the map to a location will make an image of that location appear in the box next to the map. At the same time, the longitude and latitude of the location appear in a text box above the map. If you like the location you have selected, adding it to your game is as easy as clicking the button on the upper left side of the screen. Once you have set a location, it appears in a list at the far right of the screen. As soon as you have set five locations, a pop-up will appear with the link to your game, which you can then share with your friends or family. From the point of view of anyone with this URL, the resulting game will look just like any GeoGuessr game. As a side note, seeing the locations that are available on the GeoSettr map gives some interesting information about which parts of the globe can appear in GeoGuessr games, so it might even help you with the game itself.

For fans of GeoGuessr, this is a fun way to create your own challenges. I have enjoyed using GeoSettr to create customized challenges in a matter of moments. I wish it were possible to add locations by entering their longitude and latitude, but even without this feature, it is quick and easy to use. Thanks to Shannon Miller, who shared this on Twitter.



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