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June 10, 2013 / carlispina

Organize Projects and Track Inspiration With

Iceber.gsIf you are someone who likes to collect your inspiration for projects in a private online space, options can be limited. While Pinterest now offers private pinboards, it is still primarily a social network and isn’t designed for use as a primarily private storage place. aims to fill this niche by offering a site to store online materials, notes, and files in a private place. It allows users to save content from the web, files, and even notes. You can do this via the bookmarklet or by the specific browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Once content has been added to your iceberg, you can share the iceberg by email or on Twitter or Facebook or you can share specific “icedrops,” the term used for individual pieces of content. You can also expand these icedrops by clicking on the highlight button which will enlarge that item and move the other items on the page around to accommodate it. If you want to further organize your content, you can combine items by dragging icedrops on top of one another to create groups, which can then be shared as a single entity. Each icedrop includes a link to the content if it was saved from the internet, a .jpeg of the content, and fields to give the item a title and additional commentary. This commentary is fully searchable, which makes it easy to find icedrops later, even if you have saved a lot of content on a single iceberg. You also have the ability to download each individual icedrop for use outside of your Iceberg. is visually appealing and very intuitive to use. The entire site is responsive, so you can easily shrink the site down so that it can be open off to one side while you work on your project in another window. The site’s focus on allowing users to upload all sorts of content, including their own notes, which are fully searchable, makes this tool perfect for those who are looking for an online mood board or a place to store all of the content for a project of virtually any sort. My only two minor complaints are that I wish that it were possible to drag-and-drop icedrops on an iceberg to more easily reorder and reorganize the content and that it is inconvenient for to make use of Command-I for its browser plugin, since this is also the command for italics on a Mac. But, if you frequently work on design projects and like to save content privately as you browse the web, is well worth a try. The site is currently in private beta, so request an invite today if this sounds appealing!


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