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June 6, 2013 / carlispina

Explore Europeana’s Images with Europeana Open Culture

Europeana Open Culture LogoEarlier this week Europeana released its first iPad app, the Europeana Open Culture app, the result of a hackathon. This free app offers access to 350,000 images from Europeana’s collections. These images have been curated into five collections: Images of the Past, Treasures of Nature, Treasures of the Past, Treasures of Art, & Maps and Plan. The opening page of the app offers the option to select one of the collections to browse or a search box if you would prefer to search for images of a specific type. Whether you opt to browse or search, you are presented with the resulting images on a black background and each image has an opaque overlay with basic information about the item. You can navigate amongst the images by scrolling down or to the right giving the feeling that the images continue on forever.

Once you click on a specific image, you are presented with additional information about it, including metadata about the work, information about which museum contributed the work to Europeana, and details about the copyright status of the image (many of which are in the public domain). In addition, once you have selected a specific image, you have the option to view the image in Europeana, search it online to form connections to other works and information, mark it as a favorite, comment on the work or share the image on Twitter or Facebook.

This app is a very appealing way to view images from these Europeana collections. Given the image-laden nature of the app, there are occasional lags as images load, but overall, it offers a nice interface. And, the options for saving and sharing images makes it a very personal and social way to interact with them on your iPad. If you are fan of history, art or Europeana, this free app is a great option and, you can even check out the code for the app on GitHub.

A Screenshot of the Europeana Open Culture iPad app

A Screenshot of the Europeana Open Culture iPad app


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