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May 13, 2013 / carlispina

Share Your Slide Decks Online with Speaker Deck

Speaker DeckSharing slides online can be a great way of keeping an archive of your presentations and of expanding their reach beyond those who can attend the live event. There are a few different options available for this, including Slideshare, which I have used for quite some time. But another alternative, particularly for those who will be embedding their slides on a website, is Speaker Deck from GitHub. With Speaker Deck, users can upload any PDF and it will automatically be broken into slides and appear in a slideshow format similar to the format seen on Slideshare. Once a slide deck has been uploaded, it can be shared via a link, on Twitter or Facebook, or by using the provided embed code to put it on a website or blog. As a nice touch, when you prepare to share your slides you can opt to start at the beginning of the slide show or go directly to a specified slide. Presentations can be public or private and if they are public, they can be viewed or downloaded by anyone. Slides can also be expanded to full screen, which makes it possible to present your slides directly from Speaker Deck. Simple statistics about the number of times a presentation has been viewed or starred are displayed to the right of the slide deck along with links to edit, share and download the presentation.

Users can browse through presentations that have already been shared on the site, which are divided up by topic. Speaker Deck also highlights certain slide decks in their Featured Presentations section, which can bring additional attention to these slides. Uploading new presentations is quick and easy. While you do have to have your presentations in PDF format, Speaker Deck provides information about how to export from PowerPoint or Keynote to PDF. Each file can be up to 50 megabytes and the FAQ also includes information on compressing larger files. Perhaps best of all from a user’s perspective, when presentations are embedded via Speaker Deck, they automatically resize to fit the available space without any need to modify the code. Overall, Speaker Deck is a great alternative for posting and sharing slides, especially if you will be embedding the slides on a website.

Interested in finding more tools for creating or sharing presentations? Take a look at my guide to presentation tools.


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