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May 9, 2013 / carlispina

Learn Python with PythonMonk

PythonMonk LogoI’ve previously written on this blog about RubyMonk, a series of tutorials for learning Ruby, and now that group has released a new tool in the same vein for learning Python. Called PythonMonk, the website offers a series of exercises and problems that teach users the basics of the Python programming language.

Taking the same form as the RubyMonk tutorials, these lessons are designed for those with no programming experience and start with the very basics. They walk users through the learning process with a combination of text, examples of code and exercises for users to complete themselves. The exercises advance slowly enough to give students a chance to really learn the concepts without being so slow that they lose interest. For those who get stuck on any given exercise, there is the option to get a hint for most exercises or, if truly confused, to see the answer in its entirety. The pacing and content are good for those who are hoping to learn the basics of Python relatively quickly.

In addition to these lessons and exercises, PythonMonk also offers problems so that users can apply what they are learning. In a nice touch, the elements of the problems are listed on the image for each problem and turn from red to green once the lessons for that problem have been completed and a note at the top of the problem indicates the lessons related to the problem have not yet been completed. While users can attempt any problem they would like, it is nice to have a visual cue to indicate whether they have learned the concepts necessary for the problem.

Overall, PythonMonk is a nice collection of exercises for those hoping to teach themselves Python. Right now there are only a few lessons and problems available, but as the list develops over time it will become an even more useful tool.


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