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May 6, 2013 / carlispina

Create A Poster With The Phoster App

Phoster LogoWith new apps being created daily, if not hourly, there is always new functionality coming to the iPad. At this point, there are few functions that you can’t do with an app. One impressive example of this is the Phoster app, which allows you to create great posters directly on your iPad.

Phoster Template Gallery

Just a few of the available templates on Phoster.

With over 200 templates to choose from in portrait, square and landscape dimensions, one of the best features of this app is the fact that is gives you a stylish starting place for all sorts of different posters. Elements of the template can also be recolored and edited to personalize the look and feel of the poster to fit your needs. There is also a blank template available if you prefer to completely customize your project. Even better, if you find yourself using the same templates over and over, you can favorite them so that you can find them more quickly. Once you have selected a template, all text is editable and you can also add images to your poster from your iPad’s library with just a couple of clicks. Images can be moved around on your poster and enlarged or shrunk by pinching them on your screen. Once you have finalized the basic content on the poster, the next step is selecting from the 20 different filters that Phoster includes to add additional visual interest to your final product. After this final step, all that is left is exporting your poster. You can opt to save it to your Gallery within the app or share it by printing it, emailing it, or sharing it on Instagram, Flickr, Facebook or Twitter. The app also includes a feature to directly share your final poster with other image editing apps on your iPad. If you frequently create posters for events, activities or groups, this app is well worth its $1.99 price tag.


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