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April 25, 2013 / carlispina

Learn About Your Surroundings With ici

I love finding new places around me whether I am at home or on vacation, so I was immediately intrigued when I saw a tweet from @ostephens about ici, a new application from Ed Summers. With ici, you will see a list of Wikipedia entries that are relevant to your location no matter where you are. After you give the tool access to your location information, the list refreshes every minute, so if you are on the move, you will always see the most relevant information. To encourage contributions to Wikipedia, ici also highlights in pink any Wikipedia entries that don’t have images associated with them so that users can quickly identify these entries, take a photo with their device and upload it to Wikipedia. To further streamline that process, ici has a direct link to instructions about how to upload images to Wikipedia from mobile devices. Ici is fully responsive, so that it is equally usable on a desk top and a smart phone, though on a larger screen each entry includes the first several words of the Wikipedia entry for the location, which is omitted on the smart phone display.

I really enjoyed using ici. I found that some of the 26 locations included in my list were somewhat far away from my location, but I definitely learned about my surroundings from it and I think it will encourage users to add images to Wikipedia, which is a great benefit. The code to ici is available on GitHub and is in the public domain, so anyone is welcome to use it as the basis of their own application. I would definitely recommend checking out ici, particularly if you have a trip coming up. It is a lot of fun.


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