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April 22, 2013 / carlispina

View Any RSS Feed In A New Way With StarRSS

Ok, so this one is just for fun, but as soon as I read the Mashable post on StarRSS, I knew I had to try it. StarRSS is a new way to view an RSS feed. When you initially load the site, it is nothing more than a black background with stars on it and a prompt to enter an RSS feed. It gets fun when you actually enter one. An animation shows the form flying towards you and then the title of each of the posts from the blog start to scroll past in the manner of the opening of each of the Star Wars movies at the same time that the iconic Star Wars theme song starts blaring out of your computer’s speakers. If you want to read any of the posts, clicking on the title as it scrolls past will take you to the full text of the post on the blog.

At the end of the day, this isn’t a practical solution for an RSS reader since it is limited to a single RSS feed and only shows a limited number of entries from that feed before coming to an end. But, it is a very entertaining application, particularly for Star Wars fans. You can check it out with any RSS feed or you can see it in action with posts from my blog. If you want to check out the code used to create it, it is also available on GitHub.

My Blog on StarRSS

This is what my blog looks like on StarRSS


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