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April 18, 2013 / carlispina

Consolidate Your Tabs with OneTab

OneTab LogoAs someone who is always finding more things of interest on the internet than I have time to read, I typically have a ton of tabs open in my browser at all times, which can slow down my computer to an unacceptable degree. Given this recurring issue, I couldn’t wait to try OneTab when I heard about it. Now that I have tried it, I can say it is a great solution to the the problem of too many open tabs.

To use OneTab all you need to do is download the application from the Chrome Store. Conveniently, it is not an application that requires that you restart your browser when you download it, so you can even download it once you already have dozens of open tabs. Once OneTab is installed, an icon will appear in your Chrome window next to your URL. Clicking this button will consolidate all currently open tabs onto a single page. This page offers links that allow you to delete all of the tabs, restore them to their own separate tabs, or bring additional tabs onto the page. And, there is even share the entire list of URLs as a webpage that includes a QR code to facilitate¬†transferring the URLs to a mobile device. Since you don’t have to register to use OneTab, your tabs are kept private unless you opt to share them as a webpage. According to the developers, using OneTab can speed up your browser, save memory and lower the load on your CPU, and while I haven’t done extensive testing to check the numbers they provide, I did find that it sped up my browser. I think this is a tool that I will end up using a lot and I highly recommend it for anyone who tends to have a lot of tabs open simultaneously.


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