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April 8, 2013 / carlispina

Use Code Avengers to Learn HMTL, CSS or Javascript

Code AvengersLately, it seems as though there is a never-ending supply of tools for teaching yourself to code online (you can find many of them on my Computer Programming Resource Pearltree). A recent entry into this field is Code Avengers, but this one sets itself apart by being aimed specifically at teaching HTML, CSS and Javascript to young teens. Using a superheroes theme, it teaches two tracks, one on HTML and CSS for those interested in creating basic websites and the other focused on Javascript for those interested in more dynamic content. Each track currently has two levels (though the second level of Javascript is still in beta) and a third level is planned in each track, with more to come in the future.

In some ways Code Avengers will seem very familiar to those who have tried other options. As with many such tools, users code directly in the browser. Lessons are set up so that users read small lessons on the right side of the screen in a mobile device emulator and also see their code there. Instructions for each exercise appear at the top of the screen and users enter their code in the lower section of the page. It also has the now familiar gamification elements that many of these tools include as well as practice exercises for Javascript and Projects for both HTML/CSS and Javascript, as do many such tools.

But, some of the extra content sets Code Avengers apart. To the left side of the screen, users have access to the Index and Glossary via pop-outs at all times without leaving their current exercise. Moreover, they also have access to a notepad where they can save any notes that they wish to make while working through the lessons and a toolbox of useful programming resources. The theming of the lessons also works well for their target audience of young teens and as such, the tool includes content for teachers and parents who are helping young people who want to learn these skills. These extras make Code Avengers a better option for some types of users. Overall, it is an interesting new option for learning HTML, CSS and Javascript and is particularly worth a look for anyone who feels that they will enjoy this approach to learning.


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