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March 24, 2013 / carlispina

Find New Apps With Quixey

When it comes to finding the perfect app for your needs, it is important to find a good way to search amongst available apps. I’ve previously blogged about tools for this purpose, such as Hubbl, but another option that is specifically focused on searching through apps by task is Quixey.

Primarily intended as a tool to be used in partnership with those looking to include an app searching feature in their own application according to TechCrunch, Quixey also offers a search engine on their website that individuals can use to identify the perfect app for any purpose. Rather than requiring users to search by name or one word topics, Quixey is designed to allow users to search based on their answer to the question “What do you want to do?” Users can also filter results on the basis of several factors such as device or browser type. Another nice feature of Quixey is that it includes both mobile apps and other types of web and desktop applications and it also provides sample searches. While they are likely intended primarily for company’s interested in partnering with Quixey, these sample searches are nice for new users who are getting a feel for the service. Search results are listed as a mix of paid and free apps, but there is an option to see only paid or free if that is preferred. While each app only shows a brief description, users can click on any of them to see a preview of more information that is pulled from various outside sources. This material includes a mix of information such as screenshots, descriptions and reviews. Quixey has already partnered with several companies to provide an app search feature for inclusion in their applications, but it also works well as a standalone search engine for individuals looking for new apps.


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