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March 17, 2013 / carlispina

Make Group Decisions with StickyMoose

Sticky MooseMaking group decisions can be difficult. Some tools have been developed to help people to pick a time, such as Doodle, but if you want to decide on a location and activity in addition to a time, there is no single tool to accomplish this. But, StickyMoose aims to change this. This tool helps groups to decide on all of this in one place. The organizer only need to ask a question to get the process started. Once you have asked your question, you get a URL that you can share with members of your group. Everyone who receives the URL has the opportunity to make suggestions, ask additional questions or vote on existing proposals. You can include a deadline for responses or just let the page continue indefinitely. If you opt not to include a deadline, the organizer has the option to later close the page from their administrator URL.

I was impressed by the layout and usability of StickyMoose. Creating an activity poll takes mere moments and an email is the only information that you need to share with StickyMoose to use the tool; no registration is required. All of the options are very self-explanatory meaning that it will be easy for the entire group to use. And, the idea of having everyone have an opportunity to make new contributions takes the pressure off of the original organizer and makes the tool more flexible. Because it is so open ended, it is a tool that will be useful for a lot of different situations, from social activities to planning events for organizations. As an added bonus, StickyMoose also makes it easy to leave feedback for the company. If you are working on planning an event, it is worth a try, especially now that it is publicly available.


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