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February 28, 2013 / carlispina

Make A Quick Mobile Website With Winksite

WinksiteWith the explosion in popularity of smart phones, a number of services have debuted to allow users to create mobile websites without any coding knowledge. One such option is Winksite.

Winksite makes it easy to draw content from your existing website or blog into your mobile site using feeds while also allowing you to add additional content. This content can be customized fairly extensively, but there are also several default “channels” included for blog content, chats, forums, zines and surveys to name just a few. The branding of the site can also be customized by changing the color scheme, header and footer. The header can include just the site’s name or a logo of the institution or entity for which the site was created. It is also possible to have pages link directly to content on other sites if you want to use your Winksite for some content and direct back to your main site for other content. You can also link your Winksite to your main site so that users have the option to click a link to the main site from their mobile device and be directed to it automatically if accessing the Winksite from a desktop computer. Winksite also offers the ability to include a counter on your site to show how many visitors you have had. The interface for Winksite makes it extremely easy and efficient to create a site (I created a mobile site of content from this blog in a few minutes) and once a site has been published it is very easy to edit it, unpublish it (so that you can edit it but no one else can access it) or permanently delete it.

Winksite also offers community tools. You can include your site in their directory under specific tags and users can opt to follow your site if they would like, but it is easy to use Winksite without making use of these community tools too. This is a great option for making a mobile website with ease and one that several libraries have used to create mobile sites. If this sounds interesting, check out one such example created by the Homer Township Library.


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