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February 10, 2013 / carlispina

Highlight Specific Segments of YouTube Videos with TubeChop

TubeChop LogoIf you have ever used YouTube videos while presenting or teaching, you have probably encountered a situation where you really only want to show a small segment of a longer video. TubeChop is a great option for quickly cutting down YouTube videos to only the relevant section for use in a whole host of settings.

TubeChop is a free service that doesn’t even require registration. To get started, all you need is the URL (including even the shortened URL) for a YouTube video. Putting this URL into the TubeChop search box will retrieve the video and present you with two different ways to shorten it. If you already know the exact times at which you want to start and end the clip, you can type that information into the start and end boxes provided. If you don’t, you can watch the video and select the start and end points with the draggable bars below the video. Once you have selected the segment, finalizing the video is as easy as typing any descriptive text you would like and then clicking the “chop it” button.

Chopped videos have their own page, with a unique URL that can be used to share the cut video. This page also offers embed code to make it easy to add the chopped video to a website as well as button to share the chopped video via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, MySpace,, Stumble Upon or email. Viewers have the option to comment on the video or chop it themselves to highlight a different segment of the video by following the link to the full video. For users looking for fast and easy ways to cut YouTube videos to meet their needs, TubeChop is a great option. (Note: I first discovered this tool through Erik Schreefel’s “101 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers You Should Know About” article).


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