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February 7, 2013 / carlispina

A Search Engine for Scholarly Publications – is a new search engine for scholarly publications that has recently moved from closed beta to public beta. Currently focused solely on computer science literature, the goal for this tool is to offer a better way to not only locate useful articles and books, but to also  find sources from which to download these sources and to identify the important the scholars in a field.

The search options included in can accomodate both a simple keyword search and a more advanced search for specific words or phrases that are (or are not) in the article’s full text, the title or the abstract. You can also limit your search by author or date range. Search results are returned in two columns, with the left column showing sources and the right column displaying scholars in the field. In addition to showing a significant portion of each source’s abstract, also offers links to download the full text of the sources either for free (which, if available, is displayed first) or for a fee. Clicking on a source will reveal standard information such as authors and the source’s abstract as well as additional information about citations included in the source, other papers that cite the source and BibTeX citation information to be imported into any citation management tool that supports BibTeX. also recently enabled comments on each publication’s page to facilitate conversations about sources. Each author’s profile includes information about their affiliations, top keywords, publication venues, frequent co-authors in addition to all of the author’s articles that are on At the bottom of the homepage, also highlights featured publications and authors, including stats for the authors about the number of papers that they have published, which offers an interesting insight into the way that they are trying to prioritize specific sources. has the potential to make it easier for scholars to connect with important works in their field. In its current public beta form, its reach is somewhat limited, given that it only includes computer science sources and that the site still experiences at least intermittent downtime (it went down while I was using it). However, it is well worth checking out and shows promise for being a useful resource as its reach expands. You can see more about in the company’s slides included below:


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