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February 3, 2013 / carlispina

Learn As You Browse the Web with Summer

Summer LogoBrowser extensions offer new opportunities to search the internet without leaving the webpage you are currently viewing. I’ve previously written about one such browser extension, Asterisk, but another option focused specifically on displaying information about people is also available. Called Summer, this browser extension for Chrome or Firefox works much like Asterisk but concentrates on pulling together and displaying biographical information about people in the same window in which you are reading. Once you have installed the extension, it will detect names and show brackets around them. Clicking on the Summer tab that then appears on the right side of the screen will pop out a list of all of the names detected on that page. You can then click on a name to read biographical information, which varies person-to-person but includes information such as a biography pulled from Wikipedia, a picture, company affiliations, sports stats, YouTube videos, Twitter content, and other links.

Summer is extremely easy to install (it doesn’t even require that you restart your browser) and works well to bring biographical information to you rather than requiring that you search for this information. The one drawback to the tool is that it currently only works with a selected list of sites, but this list is growing, so hopefully over time this will become less of a limitation. I like the fact that you can click through to the full Wikipedia entry for a person or watch a YouTube video without ever leaving your current tab or window. Overall, Summer makes it much easier to learn more about people as you browse the web.


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