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January 31, 2013 / carlispina

Annotate and Discuss Photos with Marqueed

MarqueedWhile it is easy to share images online, it can be more difficult to have a meaningful discussion about specific aspects of those images from a distance. For those who use images professionally or in the classroom, Marqueed is a great new tool that allows you to point viewers to specific portions of an image and to have a discussion about those aspects of the photo directly on the image. Once you have uploaded an image, which can be in the form of a PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, or PSD file, or added it via URL, you can add it to a collection and add comments and annotations to any section of the image. If you want to highlight a specific point, this annotation can be in the form of a point on the image or, if you want to draw attention to an object in the image, you can also circle elements within the photo and add the annotation to those instead. Once you have finished marking up the photo, you can share it, either via email, URL or Facebook or you can add collaborators who can then mark up the image further. From there, anyone who views the image can add comments to specific annotations or to the image in general to form a conversation. Images can be combined into collections as well, which can be either made public or private. Free accounts are entitled to two private collections and 100 MB of space, but premium accounts are available for $10 per month or $20 per month that provide additional private collections and storage space. If you plan to use images you find online, Marqueed also offers a bookmarklet that can be added to your browser to allow you to add images to your Marqueed account as you browse.

For those who want to be able to have targeted conversations about images online, Marqueed is a great tool. Rather than merely describing the portion of the photo, now you can mark up the photo directly and have multiple separate conversations about specific aspects of the image. All functionality can be used without paying for an account or downloading anything, making it easy to use with large groups. It is an impressive tool for annotating and discussing images online.


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