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January 17, 2013 / carlispina

Design A Website Quickly With

Wireframe.ccWhile there is a wide range of tools available for wireframing websites, in the past I have found that most of the ones I have tried are either pricey or have a steep learning curve. One tool I recently learned of offers a great alternative. is a spare yet fully-functional wireframing application. It offers templates for both browser-based sites and mobile sites (including both landscape and portrait views). Once you have selected the best template for your project, designing your site’s layout is as easy as dragging the cursor on the screen to create boxes that can then be shaped with a click of the menu that pops up as soon as you release the cursor. Boxes can have square corners, curved corners or can be reshaped to be circles. Best of all, anticipates the most likely type of box you will want based on the size of the shape you create so you are presented with a menu of the options you likely want rather than needing to search through a larger menu for each box. Once you are happy with the way your wireframe looks, you can also save it and receive a URL for the design that can then be shared with anyone, all without the need to register for an account. Even after you have saved a design you can continue editing it at any time.

Currently, only offers a free version, but they are in the process of developing a premium option. For now, if you are looking for a quick, free and easy way to create a wireframe for your next website, I would recommend checking out (Hat Tip to Kathy Kaldenberg who shared this resource on Twitter).


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