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January 6, 2013 / carlispina

Turn Every Task Into an Epic Win

Epic Win LogoT0-do list apps and motivational apps are quite common and I have written about a number of them before including in my post last Thursday on apps to help you keep up with your New Year’s resolution. But, I want to write a bit more about one particular example, Epic Win, which sets itself apart by making every task a game. Gamification has become a popular topic of late and, while it is certainly possible to gamify your goals without the help of an app, Epic Win lets users take advantage of the pros of gamification through its RPG-like approach to task management.

Getting started with Epic Win is easy. Once you download the app (currently available for both iPhones and iPads for $2.99, though at this time it is only optimized for iPhones), you will be prompted to choose from five available avatars. Three of these avatars are free, but the final two require an in-app purchase. Once you have selected your avatar, you set your tasks. Tasks can range from items on your to-do list to items that you want to do on a recurring basis (perhaps working out or practicing new skills). You can choose a point value of anywhere from 50 to 300 points for each task and you can decide what type of “feat” it represents from the five available options: Strength, Stamina, Intellect, Social, and Spirit. Each task can be a one time event or a recurring quest and you can even choose to tie the task to your calendar if it is time sensitive. Once you are happy with the task you have the option to add more or to return to the main screen.

Now that you have a number of tasks set up, all you need to do is let the app know when you complete them. This is done by pressing and holding the button that shows the point value on the tab that lists your Quests. Doing so will trigger an animation that shows your avatar breaking down the task and, once that is done, the points will show up on your Loot tab where they will contribute to your gold collected and your miles traveled. Both of these contribute to your ability to progress through the app and level up. The app can be linked to Twitter if you like or you can use it as a stand-alone app to simply track your own progress in a fun way. I found it to be an entertaining variation on a normal to-do list app, particularly because it has cute animations and illustrations. If you are best motivated by games, it is well worth checking out this app. If you are intrigued, I would recommend this excellent post on the app from The Busy Librarian or reading Wired’s article on the app.


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