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December 20, 2012 / carlispina

Make an Online Poster with Glogster

glogsterGraphics make internet content much more eye-catching and appealing, and can be lots of fun to produce, but creating them can often seem intimidating. But, Glogster is one option that makes this process much easier and faster for those who want to integrate graphics into their online content.

A cross between an online poster creation tool and a social network, Glogster lets you drag and drop content on a screen. You can choose to start with a blank screen or you can pick from several different templates that are designed for everything from a graphic resume to a wanted poster. Once you select an initial template, customizing your creation is as easy as selecting preset graphics from the tool bar and then editing the placeholder text, colors and size to meet your needs. If the perfect graphic for you isn’t included in the options in the toolbar, you can also import your own content whether it is an audio file, a video or an image. Glogster supports a very wide range of file types, meaning that you can upload virtually any content to be included on your Glog. When you are happy with your Glog you can save it and then publish it as either a public or private Glog. If you choose to make it public, it will be viewable by anyone, but if you opt to make the Glog private, only those who have the URL will be able to view it. Once a Glog is published, it can also be embedded in other sites. A particularly nice aspect of the embedding feature is that it offers customized code for those who want to embed their Glog on a website, a blog or a feed, meaning that your Glog will always fit your desired destination.

Glogster makes creating online posters quick and very intuitive. Posters can be created, published and shared in moments, making it perfect for those who want to quickly generate posters or infographics for a website. If you would like to use it in an educational setting, Glogster also offers a version that is specifically tailored for education, complete with a multitude of suggestions for incorporating it into student projects and other classroom activities. Those looking for a quick and easy way to create an online poster, whether for personal use or for use in an educational setting, should definitely consider Glogster.


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