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December 2, 2012 / carlispina

Just for Fun – Calvin and Hobbes The Search Engine and Google Type

Calvin and Hobbes the Search EngineToday I am going to focus on two tools that are lots of fun. First up is a new search engine devoted exclusively to Calvin and Hobbes comics. Calvin and Hobbes the Search Engine searches through scripts and descriptions for the entire run of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip by Bill Watterson. It will help you find the exact strip you are thinking of, no matter how little you remember about it. I searched for one of my personal favorites using just the word “pizza” and it was the second of eight results returned. Best of all, each result that the search engine returns includes not only the date of the strip, its script, a description of it and a link to its online version, but also information about which print collections that strip is included in. For anyone writing about or answering reference questions on Calvin and Hobbes, this is a great tool, but even if you are just a fan of the comic, it is a lot of fun.

Google TypeThe second tool I would like to highlight is Google Type. Created by a group called The Internet Club, this tool presents you with a Google-like search box. By searching Google for images of individual letters, Google Type returns your phrase as a series of these images strung together. As has already been observed, this comes out looking a bit “like a ransom demand”, but it is actually a lot of fun. Every time you search a phrase, new images might randomly appear and can include everything from a drawing of the letter to an animated .GIF of the letter. Unfortunately, you can’t export and save your results and you can’t choose to change individual letters, but you can share your results on Facebook and Twitter. While the lack of an export feature makes it difficult to use the results elsewhere, this is a fun tool.


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