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November 18, 2012 / carlispina

Manga-fy Your Photos with Manga-Camera

Manga-Camera App LogoWhile there are many apps available to edit images taken with an iPhone, few are as unique and fun as Manga-Camera. This app allows you to take photos with your iPhone and immediately turn them into manga-style images. Currently one of the top ranked apps in the Japanese app store, this is a fun twist on the Instagram-style apps that have been proliferating over the past couple of years. While other apps will alter photos so that they resemble drawings, this one is unique in its focus on manga artwork styles. Once you have taken a photo, the app will convert it to look like a drawing instead of a photograph. You can choose from 32 different “frames” which will apply different backgrounds and foregrounds to the image. Some of the frames also include Japanese captions (for which I wish the app would have provided translations, though this probably seemed unnecessary when the app debuted in the Japanese app store). If you ultimately decide that you don’t like the frame you have selected, this can also be changed after the photo is taken. You can also change the image processing style to accommodate dark or bright settings, which makes the app work with a wider range of types of photos. Finished images can be shared to Facebook or Twitter with one click or saved to your device’s photo library.

The app works impressively well in the process of converting images and adding frames. The entire process is fast and it worked well for all of the photos I took with it. One of the biggest drawbacks I found was actually the fact that the app won’t allow you to import existing images from your phone, instead requiring that you take the photos from within the app. I also wish that it streamlined the process for sharing the image by email, rather than requiring that you first save it to your photo library and then email it from there. Some users have also expressed disappointment that the app only works on iPhones and iPads and not on iPods. Overall though, this is very impressive for a free app and a lot of fun, particularly for manga fans.


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