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November 8, 2012 / carlispina

TwimeMachine – Another Option for Searching Twitter History

TwimeMachine logoI recently wrote about using SnapBird to review users’ Twitter history, but other options exist. One such alternative is TwimeMachine.

This application offers a fairly bare-bones  interface, but quickly loads and displays every tweet ever sent by a username up to the 3,200 tweet limit set by Twitter. While the tweets are just shown in a long stream, one right after another, each tweet includes the time and date the tweet was sent as well as a link to the tweet on Twitter, which makes it easy to see it in context with any tweets to which it might be replying and any retweets of the tweet. This also makes it easy to find and link directly to tweets if you so desire. The search interface is just as simple as the rest of the interface, allowing for basic searches and the ability to move forward (but not backword) through all of the tweets that contain the search term. It will find tweets with the search string regardless of whether that string occurs as part of a word or as a stand alone phrase. While TwimeMachine will automatically load your own tweets when you connect it to your Twitter account, you can also use it to search through any other Twitter user’s as well.

Loading takes mere seconds, which makes this a great option if you want to quickly search through past tweets. While I think that it would be nice if the search functionality let you move both forward and backward through all of the tweets with a particular term and some users may not like the very basic display, I found it to be an effective tool for finding tweets I sent long ago.


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