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November 4, 2012 / carlispina

Find Your Next Book With WhatShouldIReadNext

What Should I Read Next LogoAs someone who reads a lot, I love trying out new book recommendation tools. I’ve written about some of these tools in the past, such as Book Psychic, Teen Book Finder and Gimme!, but a new option that I have seen mentioned several times recently is WhatShouldIReadNext.

WhatShouldIReadNext allows you to find new books to read by searching books that you have previously enjoyed by title or author. Once you run a search, the tool will list possible matches. Selecting an item from the list will immediately generate a list of books that fans of the search item will enjoy. These lists can easily be shared on a variety of social media services, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, with the integrated sharing feature. Each item on the list of recommendations has a link to that item’s Amazon entry for more information or to purchase the item. While all of the features of the tool can be used without registering for an account, users who register for a free account can maintain lists of books that interest them. These lists can be sorted by any theme and items or whole lists can be deleted at any time. You can also add items to the list manually without searching for them by typing in the book’s ISBN or the URL of a website that includes the book’s ISBN. Lists can also be shared with anyone with a short URL that is randomly generated for each list. The site also has a page of statistics that show the most popular search items.

After trying WhatShouldIReadNext, I can safely say that it does a fairly good job of suggesting similar books, though it works best with popular items since the recommendations are based on the frequency with which items are included on booklists. While I did search for a couple of books that had no available recommendations, when I got recommendation lists I thought that the books on them made sense and would be good options for fans of the search item. The additional sharing and saving functionality is also a nice bonus since it makes it easy to develop a to-be-read list.  I could definitely see using this as a tool when looking for book recommendations for genres with which you aren’t familiar or to find books when you can’t decide what to read next.


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